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Hexbox is a state of the art fitness facility that combines the most fun, most effective 50 minute workouts you’ll ever experience all with 24 hour access. From building lean muscle to losing weight to changing up your workout routine, and everywhere in between, Hexbox has the answer for you. Small group classes. Real time heart rate sensing. 24 hour access. Let’s make working out fun again!

The Results

Buildf Muscle Test.png

Build Muscle

All of our workouts and equipment incorporate true strength training principles with actual weights to help you gain lean muscle fast.

Burn Fat.png

Burn Fat

While you are gaining more strength and lean muscle you will also be burning unwanted weight, so you’ll be happy with what you see underneath.

Build for Everyone Wide.png

Built for Everyone

All of our workouts and the movements are adaptable to anyone and everyone. Seasoned athlete? First timer? Somewhere in between? Our workouts are designed to work with your ability.

The Space

Weight Training Wide.png

Strength Training

Dumbbells. Barbells. Kettlebells and so much more. We incorporate strength movements with actual weight that targets all of your body to give you the best results.

Cardio Equipment Wide.png

Cardio Endurance Training

Rowers. Assault Bikes. Ski Ergs. All of our cardio equipment incorporates full body movements to work all your muscles at once to burn more calories.

Music + Lights.png

Music + Lighting

We want it to be more than just a workout. Concert style music and lighting adapts throughout your workout to help set a stage for success.

Our Goals

Better Results Wide.png

Better Results

Our balanced strength and conditioning training combined with real time heart rate sensing with our HXBX® means you’ll achieve better results by gaining lean muscles and reducing unwanted weight.

More Fun Wide.png

More Fun

Game inspired workouts. Concert style music and lighting. A true community driven experience. We are on a mission to making your workouts fun again.

More for your Money Wide.png

More to Offer

24 hour access. Outdoor training area. Virtual cycling. Run clubs. We wanted to combine the best of bootcamps, CrossFit boxes, and traditional gyms, all while offering more.


Come try out our facility for free with your first class on us!

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-$79 Enrollment-

-$154/Mo Rate-

-Month to Month. No Contracts. 5 Day Money Back Guarantee-

-Unlimited 24 Hour Access-

-Unlimited HXBX® Classes-

-Unlimited CrossFit® Classes-

-Contact Us for Student/Fire/Active Duty/Law Enforcement Discounts-



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