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The Idea

Gym workouts can be boring and ineffective, so we are on a mission to fix that. Every one of our HXBX® workouts is built upon the foundations of games you know and love, all while giving you the most intense and effective 50 minute functional strength and cardio endurance workout you’ll ever experience. All of this in a less than 10 person class structure that feels like a personal training session in a group setting with concert style music and lighting.

The Workout

Every HXBX® workout is comprised of a warmup, strength piece, conditioning piece, and cool down. Get ready to get into a long term love-hate relationship with barbells, kettlebells, rowers, and assault bikes to help you add strength, shred body fat, and to get into the best shape of your life. Finally, since all of our classes are designed and built for anyone and everyone, you can be assured you’ll get the best workout no matter your skill level or goals!

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Game Inspired

You heard that right. It wasn’t enough for us to just create another group workout, we had to go above and beyond to bring a sense of nostalgia and fun back into fitness. Every one of our HXBX® classes utilizes a game structure to get your mind off the workout and into some friendly competition with yourself and others! Participate in games such as our team ‘Hangman’ or even our partner ‘Capture the Flag’, all while getting the best 50 minute workout of your life.

Real Time Heart Rate Sensing

On top of revolutionizing group workouts, we’ve teamed up with Polar®, the leaders in heart rate sensing, to create a system that displays your heart rate data and performance metrics in real time on any of our 4 TV’s throughout the facility. This data gives you measurable results of how much effort you are putting in, and shows what heart rate zone you want to be in to support your goals. All of your workout data and stats are right in front of you.

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The Results

Our philosophy is to give you a workout that is balanced in taking your strength and cardiovascular endurance to the next level, all while giving you something to actually look forward to everyday while having fun. No matter if your goals are to gain muscle strength, shred body fat, or improve your overall quality of life, our HXBX® classes do it all.

Game Examples

Hang Man Logo.png

Hang Man

In this exciting take on the classic, you and your team race to solve the word on the board! Get letters to use by working out harder as a team allowing you to get closer to solving the puzzle! All this while still getting one of the most intense cardio and strength-based workouts you’ve ever had.

Trivia Logo.png

Trivia Frenzy

In this high paced workout you will compete against each other or as a team to answer as many trivia questions as possible before time runs out! Be quick, though, as the only way to buzz in with our answer is to get your heart rate up before everyone else!

Tag Logo.png


In this fast-paced workout, the coach chooses who is it first! They better be ready to enter the pain cave by increasing their heart rate to the max because if they do, they can go and tag someone else, and so on. Tag your friends or someone you don’t know to make a new frenemy.

Capture the Flag Logo.png

Capture the Flag

In this partner based workout you are on a mission to beating the other teams by going the farthest on the rower, ski erg, or assault bike! You have to be strategic, though, because if you don’t get onto the cardio piece quick enough, you won’t have enough time to beat out your opponents!

King of the Hill Logo.png

King of the Hill

In this round-based workout, you are competing against the rest of the group to get your heart rate to the top the quickest to become the king, or queen, of the hill! Make sure to push your hardest every round and to recover as quickly as you can so you can get a fresh start at crowning yourself the winner!