Nicole Marquez

Nicole found CrossFit in 2008 and knew right away that the community was something she wanted to be involved in. The community, intensity, excitement and results were incredible and it was something she instantly connected with. After hanging up her Track & Field spikes from Arizona State University she entered right in to the coaching world leading running clinics, CrossFit classes, run clubs and personal training. She loves creating a shift in mentality for her athletes — instilling confidence about weight on a barbell rather than worry over weight on a scale. 

As mama to two incredibly active (and adorable kids) as well as a coach and athlete, she no longer completes competitively and considers herself more of an all around fitness lover — enjoying endurance, fitness classes and strength alike. Nicole brings passion, fire, and energy to the gym floor and is excited to help you achieve your goals!


Bailey Jones

Bailey graduated from California State University Monterey Bay with a degree in Kinesiology in 2017. She has always had a passion for staying active and healthy while constantly learning more and more about nutrition and physical activity. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, hot yoga, CrossFit, barre, lifting, and swimming! Bailey has worked with, and gained knowledge from, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and nutrition gurus around the Monterey Bay. She is excited to be coaching HXBX and CrossFit classes for Hexbox and is hoping to teach and inspire members as much as possible while doing so!


Grant McCarthur

Grant McArthur has been training for sport or bodybuilding competitions for over 20 years. He started working as a personal trainer in college and hasn’t strayed too far from the gym since. Grant specializes in physique enhancement or physique transformations. Graduating high school a golfer and swimmer he weighted 160 lbs at 6’1”. The fact that people have input into the bodies they wear is what drove Grant to add over 75lbs of lean muscle to his frame. He doesn’t believe the body you think you were born with is a sentence you have to serve. We can change it! 


Alec Abend

Alec is one of the Hexbox Co-Founders.

Hexbox is the culmination of a dream to bring the best of all worlds into one Fitness Facility. With a background in baseball through the collegiate level, after graduating, he needed to fill that competitive void. He found Crossfit while living in Perth, Western Australia in 2014.

Alec fell in love with the Fitness Methodology both as a health essential and a sport. He was a regional competitor during the 2016 CrossFit Season. Now that his competition days are behind him, he is solely focused on bettering our Members through his own personal struggles with weight.

Through his own personal struggles he hopes to be a positive part of their journey to improve both physical and mental well-being.


Anthony Gartland

As a former rugby player and member of the British Air Force, Anthony has always been involved in fitness and group training. 

In 2016 he made the step into the ever changing fitness industry. Specializing in strength, bodybuilding and CrossFit style training. Anthony will help create a happier and healthier you!


Michelle Mendoza

Michelle Mendoza is a longtime athlete mainly focused on running sports for the first 35 years of her life. Since then Michelle’s goal became to build up her physique so she could compete in figure competitions. After years of having runners legs she got addicted to how it felt to feel strong in all walks of life. Michelle still currently competes and has won several figure competitions over the years. Michelles’ favorite type of client is hard working and looking to make a lifestyle change. Michelle loves make overs both mentally and physically.